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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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@AdamCollins wrote:

Has anyone whose just been waiting on a samsung confirmation received one yet? I'm waiting since Thursday now.. going to give til tonight then I'll ring and try and cancel the order.

Let me know if you get one as I am in the same situation and no one has provided an answer as to what is happening with this scenario. If you do cancel, share on here as i suspect many (including me) will follow suite.


I'm just going to wait until later in the year, see what other options are available, pay off the remaining balance of my S10+ and move to a new manufacturer (likely Apple if the iPhone 12 is decent as the other Android offerings don't look great) so not only binning off Samsung but also Google.


MikeR33 im with you on this i wont be upgrading now and will wait to see what the Iphone12 looks like , that would mean getting rid of my Samsung Earbuds and Gear 3 as there is no point being on the programme when it doesn't allow you to upgrade to the latest model.


@MikeR33  I've already inquired. 

Mines just the S10 not the plus.  Remaining balance was approximately £390.. so you'll be in a similar ball pond. 👍

Been upgrading since the S6.. no more


Yet another day and zero response so far from Samsung or Klarna WTF

Yep i've also got Galaxy Watch that will now not be upgraded when new model is released.
@Rees82 & @ MikeR33 My settlement figure is now only £268

It Might be worth checking here
You need your Klarna Account Number and on the second screen it will give the amount to pay to settle.

Considering the issue with Klarna/Samsung Upgrade, I ended up ordering the S20 and paid outright, and Samsung gave me £350 trade in on my S10, meant that I am £82 better off than using the upgrade. My initial settlement last week was higher but I had a payment leave my account on Monday.

I would suggest double checking you are not better off buying the phone outside of the programme if you can afford the outright purchase on day one.

I have changed my Galaxy watch to a Garmin watch because Samsung isnt compatible with Vitality Health. Had I not just changed the watch, I would have considering moving everything to Apple...


Just attempted to make a second purchase for the S20 Ultra 128gb on my computer via Chrome as others have had success.


Everything seemed to be going fine. Managed to press the 'Sign the agreement' button but then got re-directed back to Samsung with a message saying "Something went wrong - Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please try after some time..!!'.


Rang up Samsung to highlight this. Was told to try a different browser and to clear cache. So I tried Edge on my S10+ and the S20 Ultra 128gb in Black is now out of stock. 


So, two deposits have been taken altogether from my first attempt and now second attempt. However, I was told by Samsung that Klarna will refund these if there is no successful order placed.


They are not going to respond to any of the issues reported, i would say if they havent by now then they wont.


To make it even worse, i have logged into the Klarna Securepay to get a settlement figure and it doesnt recognise my agreement number and yes i have removed the dash.


Waiting on the phone to speak to customer services and im 29th in the queue looks like the sh*t has hit the fan

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