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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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Well after and hour and 5 minutes, I made it to a call centre rep. I have now been emailed a settlement figure and it is basically the same as the trade in price, which makes sense. 


Settling existing loan and will not be using the upgrade programme again. Bye bye Samsung (which is a pity as I have had almost every Samsung phone since the S2).

When did you make your order?

@AdamCollins On the night of the launch, around 9pm!!! 


I did manage to e-sign the Klarna agreement, pay the deposit and quickly afterwards I received the finance agreement and direct debit instructions, was just missing the important part, the Samsung Order confirmation.

I have all that stuff apart from the samsung confirmation myself but the woman on the phone just said I have not made an order

On a separate note if you dont choose the upgrade programme, settle your current agreement (my settlement is £288), then Samsung will give you £350 as part exchange on the S20, but if you use exchange programme, you effectively lose £62 - I had the standard S10, difference may be more if you had a higher spec model.

@AdamCollins  Have you been getting SMS messages from Samsung to say they are investigating and it would be sorted by the end of today?  If so it looks as though they are manually putting through the orders, my S20 order is timed as being made at 13:20 today. I assume they are trying to match up valid and live Klarna agreements with missing orders in the Samsung system.

@AdamCollins wrote:

Just rang the number above and she told me that my order has not gone through even tho I have a reference and payment plan from Klarna. She said they should cancel and refund the payment within 7 days and I should go on the site and order again...



I have now resolved my issue. 


So if you placed an order and you could not sign the Agreement. your order did not go through. the best thing to do is reorder and your order will be confirmed within minutes. ringing Samsung and Kalana will not help they are time wasters  

Makes sense as I did manage to sign the agreement online and had everything I should've, expect the order number from Samsung.  Only thing I'd worry about/check is if you go back through the upgrade program will Klarna do another hard search on your credit file?

I was also worried about the second credit check on my name, but this can be resolved by contacting the credit reference  agency. 



I'd guess they would, just got my credit report & see checks from day I tried to order & even one yesterday so not overly happy as yesterday I only called them so should be doing searches again!!!

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