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Has anyone else on the upgrade program been charged an extra month for their previous handset after upgrading to S10?


So I got the S10+ on the upgrade program, and got an email from Samsung on 13th March saying the whole thing had completed (which I believe is when they received the handset). However, on 12th April, I got charged for my old S9+ and my new S10+. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same thing and if they've managed to resolve it?


I got an email from Klarna the other day (after they charged me and I contacted them asking what's going on) saying my previous contract had been completed, but no sign of a refund for the extra month they charged me for. If you're on the same programme as me, check your bank account and see if you have also been charged an additional month. This is obviously unacceptable and needs to be resolved but I just wanted to make everyone aware in case it's happened to them and they didn't notice and also to see if other people are in the same boat as me.

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