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S10e Multi window annoying

(Topic created on: 28-11-2019 02:30 AM)
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Hi community.

I've just got a S10e as a replacement for the S6(that just stopped working one night after being a great phone).


So anyway, when i used to use the Multi window function on the S6, for example watching a Youtube video, you could press the mutilwindow button and it would continue to play the video while being able to choose which app to open, like if you wanted to go on Chrome and search on the web while watching a video. That was a great function and used to use it all the time.


Now with the S10e, it closes the current app and when you choose which other app you want to use you have to press the icon and the top and choose what you wanted to do with it. If its make it small or app info etc.


I feel like its a set back from the S6.


Does anybody know of a way to change it back to the better and more useful way?

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You still can look a video and surf at the same time , there is no other way to do it since Android 9.0. BUT LIKE many people complain about this, maybe they will change it in Android 10, you have to wait few months to received it...( i eared around Christmas but it depend of the Country), be patient  and hope...


Chrome and watching Youtube in the same tim3Chrome and watching Youtube in the same tim3


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