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Help with photos that have dissappeared

(Topic created on: 07-07-2021 04:04 AM)

I recently upgraded to a galaxy s21 and have been working through sending my files across to my new phone.


I encounter a problem however where several months of photos have disappeared from my gallery.

I lost my dad to cancer after 11 months at 45 years old. I spent the last few months I had taking photos, videos etc to have more to remember him by...

The problem I have however was that a video that's incredibly important and personal to me which I know full well I recorded and backed up onto my drive storage has now dissappeared from my phone or cloud storage.


I have photos and videos before and just after the date but I'm litterely missing around 2 months of personal pictures, the video in question was of my parents 25th wedding anniversary where my dad gave me the a speech to everyone and my mum.


Now this video is gone, it's not in my internal or cloud storage and i really don't know what to do, I'm quite in disbelief due to my cloud and internal storage acting like those days never actually happened when I know full well I did as I used to just sit and listen in repeat....


I really need some help with this as I feel Samsung has messed quite a few people around according to the messages on here.

I need that video so please, anyone I'm begging can you help! 🙏


I appreciate all the help but unfortunately i think theyve gone for good.


Spent about 6 hours going through my files, looking in the recycle bin and pretty much any folder i could find in the hhope of finding them but i think theyve got forever now 😕


I did copy everything across from my phone which was about 70 gb but the photos and videos in question dont exist on my device and there has been nothing uploaded between oct & nov and shows nothing in my gallery for just that exact amount of time so what i was looking for has gone for good i think.


appreciate all the help though truly!


@CR90: Have you registered your Google account to your Galaxy S21 via Settings > Accounts and Backup > Manage Accounts > Add Account > Google? If so, swipe up from your Home Screen to access your App Drawer > Google (folder) > Photos, and check to see if an archive of your images has been stored here (Wi-Fi or Mobile Data connection required). 


Hello and sorry to hear about your dad. I went through the same situation a few years back, except my experience was unexpected and everything happened within a matter of weeks. So I know how incredibly STRESSED you are feeling right now.?

But have you tried a photo/video deep recovery app...??

I know there are several of them out there on the app stores. I can't say which is the best, as I have used a mixture of them and they all have found some things that the other didn't. 

And whoever your cloud provider is, I would definitely check with them to see if your files are backed up on there servers and can restore your cloud data...??

Just an idea 🙂...because you never know where or how a resolution could pop up and save your day. But everything is worth a try. 

Good luck and I hope you have much success.

Patrik 🙂👍