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Missing Pictures

(Topic created on: 09-11-2020 02:57 AM)
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I have always had Samsung cloud back up activated on my phone. 

I erased a couple of pictures a while back to give my phone some space, as I was under the "illusion" that they would still be safe in my cloud. Every time I tried to go online to see my pictures there was something wrong with the website. 

I switched over to one drive a couple of weeks ago, I didn't check right away how my pics transferred over.

I did today, and I'm not only missing pictures I erased, I'm also missing all of the pictures from my previous phones... I have like 15 folders... None have been transferred. 

All it did is sink my current camera roll.

Where are my pictures?????? Please help.

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Galaxy Note9 Series

I'm putting off using One Drive personally as I really like how Samsung Cloud works.


Did you back up before proceeding with the change over ?


I've never had to delete items from my cloud as I auto back up all my photographs to Dropbox as a failsafe just in case.


If you didn't back up to another online vault /  sd card etc then you may have lost these but do keep checking @Heynorie 


Try a forum / Google Search to see if anyone else had this issue and resolved it.


I wish you all the best with this. 



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