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Charger problems

(Topic created on: 17-05-2019 10:05 PM)
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Hi so I've had my Note 9 for a while now and never really had any problems with it till now. It will charge but it's very finicky with what position it will charge with. I've tried different chargers and also I've used air in a can to possibly remove anything stuck inside. It still wont charge unless is a certain position. Please help. 

(P.s) it has a couple bad cracks on the upper left of the screen and no cracks on the back. And water damage should be the cause as it hasn't been dropped in water.)

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Are you using official Samsung charging cords and bricks @ApocZ 


Also I'd never suggest to use air cans as a person can drive dust and debris further up into the phone with those.


What I suggest is to look in the charging port via a torch to see if there's a build up of lint etc that could be hindering the connection when the cord is pushed in.


Does it charge ok via a wireless charger ?


If it's the port at issue then the issue you may have is that because the display has " bad cracks " a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre would most probably levy a charge for a new display and port because to properly look at the port they may have to get inside the phone which could further cause the cracks to grow and also that they may contribute the issue being caused with a drop as the screens cracked.


This is user accidental damage so the 24 month manufacturing warranty wouldn't probably be applicable.


The water sensors in the phone can be tripped due to temperature changes where you are causing droplets of moisture so its not always due to the phone being immersed in water etc @ApocZ 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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