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Lost mobile phone signal after software update

(Topic created on: 03-02-2023 09:28 AM)
Galaxy Note20 Series
Anyone else had their Note20 unable to find a mobile network signal after the last security update?

Every since the update, my phone cannot find any mobile phone signals. Been through all the troubleshooting (SIM is recoginised by the phone - I can WiFi call on the network for example), done all the resets including factory and nothing. 

Samsung experts can't help except to say it's been referred to developers and I can't get a "repair" as phone is out of warranty and it's not physically damaged - there's not a scratch on it.

Any ideas / suggestions / experiencing the same issue and fixed it (please!).

My phone is useless now unless I'm somewhere with decent wifi.

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Galaxy Note20 Series

That's not good @StevieDeavs  😐 

Does your sim card find connection in another phone ?

Is it possible your phone has failed inside in regards to the part that makes network connection work ,and the recent update has nothing to do with this ?

A Samsung Service Centre will still assess your phone but may levy a fee to repair.

There is also a diagnostic tool in your Samsung Members app you can run.

What troubleshooting / resets have you tried please ?

I appreciate you've tried a Factory Reset.

Have you tried resetting the network connection in General Management  ?

Was the security update also connected to a software update  ?

If so and your sim card works fine in another phone then and I don't suggest this lightly unless you want to await the next new update to see of that fixes your connection [ send your feedback via your Samsung Members app  ] have a look on to find information on how to change software on a phone.

This isn't a process to be taken lightly and needs some homework on the process and importantly there is no guarantee this will resolve the issue.

Disclaimer 》
Using a Custom Rom / trying to use other methods to rollback firmware can bring about an unstable phone or it may not work properly if the process glitches or the wrong Rom is used.
It may stop Samsung Pay from working if the procedure trips your Knox Counter.
A person takes full responsibility if they perform this process and do so at their own informed decision.
Again the process may trip Knox and may affect the Samsung Warranty.
Samsung could levy a charge to put this right or deny support.
It's essential that a person learns on how to do this type of update properly and uses the correct software for their phone and region.
My advice is to wait for the official update via Samsung Smartswitch or via the phone's software update section.

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Galaxy Note20 Series
Hi @BandOfBrothers - thanks so much for the reply.

The SIM card works in a other phone. It is also recognised by my phone as WiFi calling works fine. It would be a real coincidence if it was something inside the phone which has broken as the issue happened immediately after the last software update .... of course if there was a rollback option I could fine out for certain 🙂

I've run the diagnostics ... all fine. I've been through all the mobile phone settings (reducing the network speeds etc), reset the network settings and then factory reset, none of which worked.

The latest update was, I think, essentially a security update. Thanks very much for the tip about - I'll take a look but understand the disclaimers - it's really frustrating that I might be forced to go down this route if Samsung won't support me in fixing what they broke with the update!

There really should be a way to rollback an update if you have problems.

Thanks again for getting in touch.

Galaxy Note20 Series
Mine has recently done the same, pulling my hair out after trying every fix mentioned online including annoyingly a factory reset.

I've now booked a repair through my insurance to see if they can sort it.