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Wipe Cache Partition

(Topic created on: 27-07-2021 11:39 AM)

I bought my new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite on 24th of July, 2021.

This is my fifth Samsung till I remember, as I do trust in Samsung more than any other brand!!!

But, this time I am feeling helpless....

My battery is draining excessively since I bought... A full charge nearly lasted for around 6 hour with almost no work (Only WiFi on and Bluetooth enabled)... It will switch to 4 hour if I am making a call or surfing youtube...

Even playing battlegrounds for a time of 90 minutes consumes 60% battery..

I switched off everything like AoD, Bixby, Put all apps under sleep, disable fingerprint/face recognition...Still it is falling drastically...

I don't know what is wrong as this is phone that is only and only 3 days old...

However some one from youtube advsied to "Wipe Cache Partition" but I failed to do that with Volume Up+Power key or Volume Down+Power key-with both conditions.

Also tried with Data Cable/Headphone tricks, but it doesn't work...

What should I do? Perform a format?

Or Wiping the Cache Memory will work?

Or I need to take the device to service centre?


Please suggest any solution....


P.S.: 1. Manufacturer Date was July 2020, that was written in the box...

2. I am writing this and my charge get down from 82% to 74% in just 10 minutes (no call, only writing this post)...

Please help...

Black Belt 
It may be 3 days old to you but you don't know how long it's been sat on a shelf in the warehouses on it's way to you. It could have a battery that's been sat a year or so without a charge cycle which they don't exactly like. If you can get to the service centre have them test it thoroughly and advise you of your options. However, wait a few more charge cycles and see if it recovers any by itself

I used in safe mode and found battery consumption of 2% in 54 minutes (WiFi on+16 minutes of voice calling), which is pretty impressive... Now I am wondering which app is causing battery draining issues as I have only the apps that I need and thoose were also present in my Note 5 & M20 earlier...

Check in - Settings - Battery & Device Care - Battery. Will show a graph of Battery use - tap on that and will list the % Battery used by individual apps ( this is for Android 11 - might be slightly different if you on earlier version )

It is still learing my usage pattern...

Screenshot_20210727-230903_Device care.jpg

Big Cheese
It is most likely chrome and social media apps such as WhatsApp. Many Samsung users are experiencing this at the moment, so just refrain from using these apps and try to use alternatives such as the Brave Browser and the default Messages app 😁.