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Note 10+ update screen inop 28/01/2021

(Topic created on: 29-01-2021 12:51 PM)
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Galaxy Note10 Series
Hello, so recently samsung added an update, on 28/01/2021 I hadn't installed it yet, I woke up the next morning (29/01/2021) and my alarm went off for work I swiped to turn it off. But whilst I was eating my breakfast I noticed my screen wouldn't open and when I say that I mean even when you try tapping the pin in it wouldn't recognise the input. I tried everything like resetting it ect. I then luckily used my spen which worked perfectly but my finger wouldn't I looked around and saw there was an update and hoped that would fix it. So I updated my phone and although it was slow at first I seemed to be alright since I'm not happy because had I not had my spen I wouldn't have been able to use my phone. 

Note: I noticed my phone was on power safe mode all night whike charging coukd this have effected it? I charge my phone wirelessly and not fast charge either.