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Super-stab and exynos




I feel like there is a difference between Exynos super-stab (means optical+digital) compared to the snapdragon version.

I keep watching videos that are super smooth with SD855 but on my note10+ Exynos i feel like super steady mode results in shaky/grainy video (like rolling shutter issue or something). It is not smooth and lacks sharpness when i use this mode.

I feel like cpu is having a hard time interpolating real time.


Is that just me or anyone noticed this kind of problem too?


I do not know the reallity, but as recomendation for you as exigent fideligno video observer, you can try to add video player as Game Mode for apply extra resources on it.


Try MX-Player too, it had a long good time between us (check option an Hardware acceleration option behind):four-leaf-clover:


See you on forum @DL31 and thanks for the info, we continue speaking for here :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


@RpBP  Sorry that i did not reply earlier. thanks for your reply, i read your post, but i do not understand : these are players aren't they ?

The problem is same when i watch the movie on my PC, so it seems more like a rush/film issue.


I find HD 60p the smoother and best mode for video (this because i barely use 4K at the moment).

It gives optical stab and does not have this fog/shaky effect that super-steady gives.

I do not have the problem when using HD 30p either without the super-steady option, so i blamed the performance/CPU. Maybe this is not the reason though and just due to the digital stab interpolations... Dunno


Would be nice if someone could try and tell me if they get the same kind of feeling between the 2 worlds.

I can tell you again that there are not difference between microcontrollers about image and stabilization, those are different circuits plugged to the main mother board as modules, sorry you have not reason about your creepy voice about this.


It is different at your desire give for you and expectations.


I use fullhd and 4k only some times, 30 do not like me a lot for quick videos on movements.


Sorry but I prefer in Spanish to talk, do you speak Spanish correctly?, I can jump some term or to have a bad interpretation about your communication, but if source it is not good or bad requirements or adjustments, video in PC or other place to view, it will be similar in all. Source it is the key of everything and you need to respect standard values and correct codecs to view. Finally I can tell you to use the cited options before for pleasant sensation with reproduction in your Mobile but with main program all seem ok for me, I have not take a lot of videos now :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Thanks for your answear about plug-in modules, i didnt know that and thought it was operated by the CPU.

Sorry i do not speak Spanish 😉


Conclusion :

It is just that super-steady is not very smooth, and has some "foggy" effect to it when doing 'panning' shots, compared to optical stab.

It is also a bit more grainy, kind of strange, with super-steady feature.

Normal stabilization with HD 60p is the best to me.


It has i believe nothing to do with codecs etc ; it has to do with the way super-steady is operated. It is real-time numerical stabilization and has its flaws when it comes to image quality.


Hi again my friend, I love speak about all themes around mobiles or technology without angry, only as conversation as friends, not more :smiling-face:


Snapdragon and Exyros have similar values in Antuntu Benchmark as example, there are high numbers in both without real appreciation of differences about calculate power of transcodification or others. You can make or compare tests for you to check numbers between both.


Effectively all information is derived and has an after treatment and transcribe information to the file, then codecs also have intervention in all this process to have the file ready. (use of CPU)


About smooth and foggy appreciation, could be or I think so too, a derivation of effect for have a smooth transition between next flap or fps in the sequence and we can have the result mentionated for you for a virtual super-steady video with a little cheat inside of soft. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type: 


Thanks for you recomendation, next time when I have the oportunity and real interest to show result with my S8+, I will test all mode as you did before, to continue speaking about this information, real or not about our video camera modes and tests.


You are and advanced user as I can see. That is good for our Community. Thanks for you real and advance apreciation about visual effect findeds as video camera and the recomendation for an excelent video file using HD 60 option.:four-leaf-clover:

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