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Note 10 plus screen on time?

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How's is everyone's galaxy note 10 plus screen on time ?


Hi and welcome @Oddy72  to the Samsung Community.


Usually if you refer about the time the screen is on before the phone is blocked automatilly, this option can be set in the screen configuration in Setting and is around 1 minute with a initial value.


If the time is less than the selected time, could be problem with sofware or proximity sensor. You can test and feedback us. 


Other important thing is the Always On led technology, you will have this option in your menu too and you will can select diferent screens and options about display showed items. With this tecnology your telephone will show you interesting information and you will use around 5% of battery on a day.


Have you a good day :earth-globe-europe-africa:

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@Oddy72 wrote:

How's is everyone's galaxy note 10 plus screen on time ?

Hi @Oddy72 


In total I'm getting 2_3 days usage out of my Samsung Note 10+ 5G.


To add....


  • I'm not a gamer.
  • I power down my phone overnight. 
  • I consider myself a power user in regards to internet / YouTube use.




Also depend of the brightness and all are you doing during this time.


But hypoteticly my answer also can be useful :ok-hand:


I have a S8+ and with a normal use could be used during around 27 hours continuesly withouth any plan reduction.


Also you will have a very fast chargue, in 10 minutes more than 20%, but my recomendation is that you don't complete your charge, is better for us a few of quick chargues than one complete.


Also you will have the POWERSHARE for a bidirectional share battery levels between users and wireless charging.


Also you can change to a low resolution on your screen to save energy.


Sound also is importand, wifi and BT actived and use too.


Temperature also it's important.


I think you will can text Snapchat or Whatsapp for example around more than 9 hours continuesly for example or to get a maximum requeriments during around more than 7 hours. 


Summarizing there are countless things and factors to define it, but you can go to a Samsung Center and you could to use it during an hour and make an approximate calculation of what it can offer you, explain to the seller your priorities and ask for advice after to use the mobile model during a prudential testing time on your part.


Also you could test Note 10+ with S-Pen if you are thinking to adquire a new terminal.


I wish than we could help you in your decision or questions and we wait news of the others people of the community or your feedback :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


How? I have the note 10+ 5G as well, now browsing 20 Min went from 50 to 44%

I'm in wifi only and WiFi calling and this are my results in office.   

Do you apply any settings?




Hi @Ostage 


I assume it's how my phone is set up, my phones preference settings, apps and app settings and signal etc.


I'm applying nothing that's special as far as I can tell.


Remember I do not have my phone turned On overnight.



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