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Note 10 plus OFFICIAL screen protector


Can anyone confirm if I am able to buy official replacement screen protectors for the Note 10 plus in the UK? There are none on the Samsung Online Store ( only for the S10 plus which also came with one pre installed ) and apparently none in the Experience Stores. 

The one that is pre installed will need replacing at some point and I would be interested to continue having the genuine Samsung one.

So far, Samsung UK have not provided a clear answer to this. 


Thank you! 

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This is what I wrote 1 hour ago...😇 but THANKS for the printscreen ..


Now we need to know wath is the answer for other screen protector like Whitestone dome glass. 



Agree  the notice was not particularly clear, however they have confirmed you only need to remove 3rd party silicone protectors.   Samsung's original statement on their website which I posted previously was more specific 

@Cassidy007 Thanks for your input :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

I chatted to Samsung UK via Twitter and wanted to have an official response to this issue, which I got. I did the update and all is well so far.


Related to the Whitestone dome glass which is applied with liquid glue and cured with UV light, Samsung have issued a notice on Samsung Members app which I will add below

Screenshot_20191018-080354_Samsung Members.jpg


Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Thanks a lot @Mada18 ,  this his a real help for all users.

LATER EDIT : The edges of this screen protector have started to peel off this morning. I was quite happy with it yesterday , but it seems that it's back to the drawing board ..... 


As a final note, my partner has tried many screen protectors and  a few glass protectors for his Note 10 plus, and the best one so far is Invisible Shield Ultra Clear made by Zagg. 


It has a very smooth glass-like surface and the fingerprint sensor works as fast as it did with the original screen cover. This is, in my opinion, the one to go for until Samsung will sell the official one - if ever.

This is just a personal opinion which I wanted to share with the rest of members  


Camera cut-out is a little bit different 





Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Hey @Mada18 ,


we cannot comment on any third party products and we would advise using a genuine screen protector. If you are interested in getting one, you can get this from any of our Experience Stores. You can find your local one from here:

@TessM I'm sorry to ask this but have you been reading what has been said on here? 

It's been weeks since I have been trying to get my hands on an official screen protector and there aren't any available. I have tried online and in stores and nothing. That was the reasons for which I started this thread.

I have been left with trying 3rd party screen covers to see which one comes closer to the original one.



Are you now saying that I can get an official one? My local Experience Store is fed up with me asking for one. Last time I called and asked about one was today. I was told there is nothing available and they have no idea if there will ever be one. So am I missing something? 

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Sorry for the confusion there @Mada18 . That should be available soon. If you are interested in getting this, please keep checking with our colleagues or do keep an eye on our Newsroom page: for the latest releases.

No worries, I have already been in touch with Samsung's product specialists and at the moment I am still waiting for a response to my enquiry which I made about two weeks ago.


Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB

Thanks for that @Mada18


I went on Samsung Shop UK online chat to ask whether they were going to produce screen protectors for the Note 10+ and Note 10 series. The advisor I chatted with said that the screen protectors were pulled from the online shop. I questioned this because the screen protector for the S10 series is still available online. I've attached a screenshot of the page where the S10 screen protectors are listed.



(A side note: I have read that some people who have purchased a screen protector for the S10 series, which was sold through the Samsung UK online store, have found that it's not the same as the one installed on the production line.)


The advisor said that I should try contacting a Samsung Experience Store near me to see if they have screen protectors for the Note 10 series as they would have held on to any stock that was previously sent to them. I'm not sure on the cost but I'm presuming it'll be the same as the S10 So screen protectors. I'm going to try to call the two that are nearest to me tomorrow morning (Saturday, 26th Oct). This may be something for some of you to look into.


I'll update the post with what I find out in the morning.

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