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Note 10 cracked screen


A month old. From day 1 in Spigen Ultra Hybrid case and last two weeks with Whitestone dome screen protector. I took it from the pocket in the evening (i was driving with the car before when i put it in the pocket after a call and it was ok) and found this. It cracked above the power button throughout the whole screen. The crack on the screen protector above that one was made by me, when i was checking if the screen actualy cracked. The screen and touch still works fine. How is this even possible, that the screen cracks inside the front pants pocket by itself? Aren't phones designed for carrying them in pocket? There was nothing else in the pocket that could cause the crack and also, the crack started at the very beggining of the glass 2 mm inside the case. I found some simillar cases of spontaneus cracks in the same way on the Samsung phones on the internet. It looks like manufacture defect, but how to proove it to the Samsung service center? I have had only Samsung phones until now and also in the family we have 3 more and not even 1 had a broken screen until now. I will certanly rethink my brand decision if i will have to pay for apparent manufacturing defect even for the price of loosing S-pen.

The realy expensive phone is becoming even more expensive...



That's pretty well exsct to my front screen cracked!  See these they all meet together?   Samsung: "That's the impact point..   you dropped it.."   they even circled it and sent it back to me in an email.  Not covered.  Jerks.  The Note10 is defective!  Simple to se .  

Awesome.  Just awesome. I should have boxed it up and sold it when Samsung sent it back.  Just sat down for lunch..  looked at my phone sitting on my desk..  and..  same cracks..  same exact place.   This is cruel.  I can't believe I have to call Samsung all over again..  I'm sure it'll never get covered a 2nd time.  These phones are clearly defective.  This phone was safe on my desk all morning in a case.  Wow wow.  What a nightmare.  I'm stunned..  IMG_7137.jpg






Hi @ChrisNunn , i saw then your settings looks like you are in Canada, ( If you are Canadian,  did you try to get help on their website :


I am looking on many Samsung's forum and United Kingdom seem the only place where this problem happened, i never saw this problem elsewhere, this is why it's difficult to understand why here ?



Wow.  I didnt realize it was by location.  I'm on the phone with Samsung Canada now.

Samsung are actually going to cover the mystery cracks a 2nd time.  It was a battle.  Again.  I feel very lucky.   I'm selling it as soon as it gets back from being repaired and deleting my Samsung account.  It's time to end the madness.  It's been years of issues.  Enough is enough.  Good luck everyone!  Keep fighting!  Haha.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease!  :smiling-face:



Samsung Canada or Samsung UK ?

Where do you live finally, lucky guy ?


I feel very lucky!  $800 worth of repairs.  Very rattled from this.   It was such a fight.  Quitting while I'm ahead and getting away from it.  I am in Canada.   Samsung Canada helped me.  I ended up here by googling note10+ cracked screen after the 1st mystery crack.   Didnt notice it the EU.  Haha sorry!

@ChrisNunn you are really lucky but tell me, i am curious,  , did you ever use this kind of tripod stand holder on your device to make photography ?Smartphone holderSmartphone holder


Holder with springHolder with spring

Because of the curved screen of the Galaxy Note 10, i think  you can't use this kind of holder with a spring because it can cracked  the screen at the same place than all pictures show here..


No never. That's one toy I have t picked up yet, but would like to at some point. Both times my screen cracked the phone was in a case sitting flat on a coffee table(1st)/work desk2nd crack) I have witnesses who were with me both times. There is something wrong with the housing or something in that area. Its brutal. Weak.

@ChrisNunn i crossed my fingers, i like my Note10 + and I hope never seeing it on mine.

Can you show me the case you use on first one ?



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