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Wifi Calling - signal threshold to enable

(Topic created on: 23-12-2021 04:25 PM)
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Hi, I have Wifi Calling enabled on my phone. It works, but my problem is that the signal has to be REALLY bad, like 2 bars or less. At this point, I'm already not being able to have a proper chat on the phone, and Wifi Calling will still not engage. If there is 1 bar, it will be there most of the time (but even then, sometimes it won't!). The only reliable way to enable it and keep it there, is to put the phone in airplane mode and switch the wifi manually on again. This is not a solution since it can't be automated, and I've been bitten multiple time by leaving home and forgetting to disable airplane mode. Also, SMS messages seem to take forever to get through with WiFi Calling, not sure why.

My question is, is there a way to change how sensitive Wifi Calling is to enable it? So if there are less than 4 bars (so 3 or less) and Wifi itself is great, enable Wifi Calling. Vodafone says that they can't change this, this is a decision (ie when to switch to Wifi Calling) made by the handset itself, not by the Vodafone system.

Wifi Calling even switches itself off during talk time, and while I'm taking with HD quality it suddenly drops to 2G and standard quality, with often dropouts. Very annoying and it will soon get a lot worse for a lot of people as 3G femtocells are phased out by the carries globally (my issue as I was on a Vodafone Sure Signal.


Some networks allow you to decide what you want to use as priority have you checked your WiFi calling settings to see if Vodafone allow it?Screenshot_20211223-162442_Samsung Members.jpg