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Should I upgrade from my A70 to Note 9?

(Topic created on: 08-11-2019 04:18 PM)
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Okay so I don't really have any perticular reason on the upgrade is just the fact that I've wanted the phone since it came out. (Note 9). I've been using the a70 for nearly 3 months now and It's been perfect. I don't have any special use for my phone - just a daily driver. What are your thoughts?


Hey @FikoTheBeast ,


glad to hear that you are a fan of our phones. Both of them are great! However, both of them have been created for different audience and I would be unable to advise you which one is better for you as this is down to personal preferences. 


If you would like you can visit both phones specifications pages to find which one is more suitable for you or check any website that compare them.




Honestly, both phones are great in their own right.

My advice would be: If you need the stylus, the Note9 is the way to go. If you don't need it. Wait a year and go for a newer note (Its a waste to throw a perfect new phone away - But that is just my opinion) :smiling-face:

If you can get enough value back by selling the phone the Note9 is definitely a lovely upgrade :smiling-face:
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My experience with using the Note 9 has been a positive one @FikoTheBeast 


I'm now using the Note 10+ 5G.


The Note series offers serious powerhouses.


I would suggest to visit a network store or Samsung Experience Store and have some hands on user experience with the Note 9 or even Note 10 and see what you think.


If your past any relevant colling off period to have a refund on your current phone then you could sell it to friends or family etc to recoup some funds. I don't recommend Ebay.


All the best.    :smiling-face:



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