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Samsung Repair Service is not supportive

(Topic created on: 05-07-2022 03:26 PM)
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My galaxy note 10+ screen was broken last month. Was a pity and had no choice other than to repair it. Searched on the internet and although I had several other options I chose Samsung Repair service to fix my phone. The plan was to fix it within few day (less than a week), but now after a month, yes A MONTH , still is not fixed yet !!

I have been contacting Samsung Repair on WhatsApp almost every other day and asking a simple question “ Could you please let me know when my phone will be fixed ?” and got so many non-sense replies and always some think like  “we do not know and we have to wait “. 

After 3 weeks I was asking them, If Samsung Repair does not know when my phone can be ready , then please provide me a temporary phone. The answer was No, and they came back with a discount for online shop. I replied that I do not need a discount, what  I need is a smartphone at same level as 10+ !!


I’m an old customer of Samsung products for so many years. I have been buying so many different Samsung products such as 5 smartphones, 4 tablets, TV, smart watch, Galaxy buds, monitor and so many times I have strongly recommended Samsung to so many people. Why? Because I believe(d) there are tons of good reasons to do so.

Although Galaxy note series are/were not cheap , I bought Galaxy note 10+, not just for calling  or gaming or sending/posting messages. No, because it has so many awesome features to support me to  manage my work activities. Therefore, for a person like me (and  I believe for so many other customers)  is important to have my phone at earliest.


Samsung shall realize that we, customers, are relying on Samsung products and the services. We are using the products in our daily life not just for fun, but also for managing our daily professional activities. So in short 

we count on Samsung products”.

But may be  Samsung dose not have the same idea .

So What I’m thinking now is : If Samsung services does not support me when I need it , shall I revisit my thought and believes,  and switch to something else? Time to Think

Hi I was in a very similar position,my note 10 started to expand due to the battery issue which was well publicised,this all took place July 2022,1 month to replace a battery my handset was returned with a scratch on the screen,they even needed me to give consent yo have the repair completed delay after delay what a sham,didn't offer me a home repair in theory sold me defective goods due to the nature of the repair the battery expanding they should have done a product recall the repair was done free of charge as a good will gesture???,all in all a very poo
experience from such a large company.
Have you written a formal letter of comlaint?