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Note 9 Corrupting SD Cards! Help!

(Topic created on: 26-04-2019 07:40 PM)

Hi all,


This is my first post so please be gentle! I've had Samsung Galaxy phones for the last 6 years with no issues, but unfortunately that has just changed...


I have had a Note 4 for three years, using a class 10 Sandisk 64gb SD card. In three years I never had any issue with either the phone or the SD card.
I've just purchased a Note 9 (locked to the 02 network, UK) and it's corrupting sd cards.
I purchased a brand new 128gb class 10 Samsung SD card, inserted it into the Note 9 and formatted the card. I then connected the Note 9 to my PC via the usb cable that comes with the Note 9. I moved all of my files that I had backed up from my 64gb card onto the new 128gb card in the Note 9. 
When I looked in the gallery, around half of the pictures were either not viewable or were missing. I have used Poweramp music player for years (downloaded from the Play store) and have never had an issue with the app. When I scanned my music folders in Poweramp, around 30% of the files were either missing or would not play. When I connected the Note 9 back to my PC to check the contents of the SD card, the files that had an issue (pictures not viewable or music not playing) were simply missing! Some picture folders had disappeared. All of the music folders (titled by artist name) were present, but the ones with songs that wouldn't play were empty, as if the files had been deleted! Strangely, the free space left on the card was the same; as though the space the missing files had taken was still classed as being used...
I assumed I had been unlucky and bought a corrupted card, so I bought another 128gb class 10 SD card, this time a Sandisk one as I already have a 64gb Sandisk card and have had no issues with it. The same exact thing happened again! I don't believe I've been unlucky enough to but two brand new SD cards, different brands, and both were corrupted to begin with! The common denominator is the Note 9 handset!
I have searched online and lots of people seem to be having this issue. 
I have inserted the 64gb SD card from my Note 4 into the Note 9 (just turned the Note 4 and Note 9 off, removed the card from the Note 4, inserted it into the Note 9, then switched on the Note 9. No formatting, just switched it from one phone to the other) and so far that seems to be working, but why would an old SD card work and not a brand new one? And will the Note 9 start corrupting that card too???
I have just paid hundreds of pounds for the newest flagship phone and I can't use an external memory card without fear of losing my information! What is the solution to this? Does anyone have an idea of what is happening?
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     There is some fix about this issue? My Note9 recognize my SD but after some days stop recognizing it


Hi. No, I never found a solution to this problem! And Samsung were almost no help. I couldn't even get through to them via their website. It seems to be set up so it's very hard to contact them and speak to someone. They didn't even respond to me at all until I Tweeted at them on Twitter and included their @ in the Tweet!

I currently use my Note 9 phone (128gb model) with no SD card as I don't want the hastle of a card being corrupted again. As I stated in my OP, I use Poweramp music player and after the phone corrupting 2 separate SD cards I had to put all my music onto the phone, which means that there are 2 or 3 copies of all of my songs listed in the app , but only the ones stored on my phone will play (the music app found the songs on the SD cards but they had been corrupted and wouldn't play, but they're still in the lists of artists & songs). This has meant that I have spent months having to manually delete all of the "copies" of songs that wouldn't play and there was no way to batch delete all the corrupted files from the list. I have literally 10's of thousands of songs so it's still going on whenever I find albums I've missed! It's maddening!


Samsung's best advice was for me to physically take my phone to a Samsung centre for investigation, but there isn't one in my town and I haven't had the time to spend a full day travelling to a differnet city and back, then taking the time for one of their staff to look at my phone and inevitably tell me to restore the factory settings and see if that makes a difference (which is almost a 100% certainty that they will suggest that first). Because if it doesn't make a difference, I'm back at square one and will have to go through the process of trying SD cards, then if they get corrupted again, manually deleting 1000's of corrupted files again!! It's taken me months to delete the majority of the corrupted files off and I'm not going through that again!

I'd rather just live with the phone's internal storage of 128gb for now as life's too short! Though that's not the point!


I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but when I had a Note 4 the SD card slot was a slot under the SIM card slot and when you put a SD card in it felt very securely in place. With the Note 9 you put the SD card in a flimsy pastic tray and it kept falling out before I finally got it to stay in, then inserted it into the phone. Maybe the tray isn't holding the SD card in place tightly enough and the connection keeps getting cut out? Maybe that could be causing the corruption?


Samsung don't seem to care at all and I've read that many people have had this issue but there doesn't seem to be a solution and Samsung have just swept it under the rug because they don't care about their customers as long as they're making money!


If you (or anyone!) find a solution please let me know!

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Hi there,


I've had exactly the same happen it seemed to be when the samsung player was removed form the OS build and I have lost photos and music files. Also on a sandisk 125 card. I've just seen really similar posts for S9 devices too