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Note 20 ultra 5g black screen

(Topic created on: 08-09-2022 06:23 PM)
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Made a phone call on my note 20 ultra last Friday when I hung up my screen went black. Has not come back on since, phone rings, have tried rebooting no damage to phone apart from minor screen scratches, and no water damage. So I took it to the O2 shop I got the phone from as still in warranty, they sent it to their repair centre and received a message today saying the issue is not covered under warranty and it will cost £280 to fix it but not actually telling me what the issue is, I asked the question and the person I spoke to said the repair centre had not noted what the problem was so no answer basically.  Looking through posts on here and seeing other people have had the same problem repaired under warranty sending it to Samsung.  


Hi, @Members_5Q2mAEu. I moved your post from Samsung Lounge to the Note20 Series board, so that it will get more views.

I am sure that you are not obliged to accept O2's repair quote, and can have your Note20 Ultra returned to you. Our engineers can then inspect your phone and see if the issue you have experienced with the screen staying blank can be repaired under warranty.

You can look at the repair options here: 

The aforementioned webpage is a self-service repair portal so, after completing some troubleshooting steps, you can arrange the repair yourself. It is a step-by-step process.

Alternatively, if it's easier for you and once you get your phone back, you may wish to reach out to our Support Teams via the link below:

If you do not wish to call, you could even get the inspection and repair arranged by reaching out to our Social Media Team via the aforementioned Contact page.

If the engineer deems the cause of the issue to not be covered by warranty, you will be provided a quote before any repairs are carried out. If you decline the quote, your phone would be returned to you unrepaired. However, in this case, you would get very clear direction on why a repair would be chargeable. 

Please let us know how you get on, or feel free to reach out, if you have any questions or concerns. 👍

Same happen to me. Dead screen after 2 days of warranty running out.

Fix it or bin it. Or buy a new samsung and use the trade-in. Trade-in value will be less than a full working phone.

Use DEX (connect to monitor and external monitor/keyboard/mouse) and Samsung find my device to remotely wipe it (factory reset). Don't forget also to remove your Google account.

Hope this helps.
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I did put the phone on top of the heater(face the screen to the heater) for couple minutes and phone came to life..