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Lost dual SIM choice in calls and messages after update to UI3. Anyone knows how to bring them back?

(Topic created on: 19-01-2021 04:40 PM)

Before updating I've always had a choice of choosing which card I want to use for calling or sending messages, those options were always visible on screen. Now after updating for calls i get pop up windows asking for SIM while in messages I have no options at all. Does anyone using two SIM cards have the same problem?

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same  here. noticed it when i was trying to reply to a message sent to sim1, using sim2 and the text won't send. (sim1 is prepaid and has no load as of the moment, and sim2 is postpaid). i thought it was forcing me to reply to the sim1 message using sim1 also (which has no load). that's the time i looked for the sim1/sim2 option buttons so i can send using sim2 (postpaid). but they're gone. only a Send (airplane icon) button remains, which is maybe stuck to the sim1 the text was sent to. 

this is not good. the previous update was doing fine on this part. they need to put back the feature to outright choose between sims in the messaging box in the next update.

or at least in the settings menu, let the user choose from a) default sim1, b) default sim2, or c) ask everytime.

this is a big drawback for dual sim phones and obviously was a careless move from the developer.
we should raise the issue or go in open platform to get notice by Samsung if they didn't promise to fix it back ...

I concur with above comments - the loss of the dual sim option especially when texting has caused endless frustration and confusion. I use the dual sim option to avoid carrying a work and private phone and to keep both parts of my life separate! Now some business associates who I only contact via the work sim have my personal number which I am not happy about. I have set the defaults and gone through the pain of manually accessing EVERY contact to ensure the default phone is relevant (personal v business) and yet the phone still changes the sim randomly. The CX & UX are poor and cumbersome - the option to change is on separate screens and not at forefront of sight when typing text (top v bottom of screen) . The loss of the little sim identifier beside each message in a text conversation also needs to come back - with some contacts I have both personal and business conversations using the different sims to ensure the work sim only has business communication as we are in breach of policy if the sim is used for personal texts and calls. I now can't see which message was on which sim in conversations (past or present) and if I realise the phone has randomly changed the sim again I lose the message I was typing - poor form Samsung ..... please revert to the previous dual sim capacity


ATTN: Samsung Support and Software Update Leadership & Development Teams.

Urgent and very important issue, we have lost the TWO Dual (SIM1 + SIM2) buttons for making calls & sending messages after UI 3.0 update !!!!

Please see attached screenshots of the issue.

All the Samsung Customers invested $1000-2000+ USD in Samsung Dual SiN mobile devices, specifically because it was always productive to manage calls and messages with TWO separate buttons (SIM1 and SIM2). The Samsung One UI version 3.0 update has taken away this essential feature and made our user experience inefficient, very confusing and no common sense. I updated to 3.0 in January 2021 and it has been a nightmare for the past month. Very recently there was another update and I got excited and was hopefully that Samsung Software Update Leadership & Developers would have realized their huge mistake but that was not the case, and this major issue is still not fixed!!! 

Very disappointing Samsung - please fix this issue ASAP. There are many more complaints about the same issue on several threads and everyday we have to waste time checking and waiting for a resolution. The work around to go through menu options and multiple clicks does not make any sense. Also, another solid justification for Samsung to immediately fix this issue: Our Samsung Dual SIM devices connected to cars via Bluetooth and allowed us to be hands-free, however now for both Dual SIM calls and messages scenarios, with the two buttons missing, we are no longer hands-free, and have to stop driving / pull over to click on 3-4 options to manually toggle between SIM1/SIM2, and not everyone is going to stop driving / pull over for their Dual SIM calls/messages - this is extremely DANGEROUS!!!! Samsung should consider this if they want to avoid lawsuits and more importantly the safety of lives on the road!!!!


Here is another example of the nightmare user experience: At the time of typing your text message and before clicking send if you realize you are on the wrong SIM and try to switch over, then you get an annoying alert that draft message will get discarded (See 2nd screenshot attached) .....and if you dont want to discard your draft message, then you have to cancle, copy the text message and then switch and then paste the text message before clicking send...if you do not copy/paste, then you lose your text message draft.....this is absolutely ridiculous!!!! We use to have a choice right at our finger tips to use SIM 1 or 2 for calls and messages!!!! 


Finally, I tried speaking to Samsung Support live chat (Canada, US, Singapore, and Philippines) - and none of them are able to help, they just waste time with basic troubleshooting ie. Soft Reset. I request them to escalate this issue to their Senior Ranking Support Executives and Software Update Leadership  weeks ago and no response....All Samsung Dual SIM device users are impacted Globally. Please see links below: 






Screenshot_20210227-115144_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20210227-114808_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Same problem and frustration here. The update totally messed up my dual sim dial and messaging options. Writing this just in a hope that more discussion will draw the attention of whoever if ever checks these posts. It was a huge step back in dual sim use and need very urgent change. 

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Hi all,

For me it was really important funcion. I was using it on daily basis as I have personal and work SIM cards installed. Samsung made a step back. This is the real reason to change phone. 



Wow. Just got the upgrade. Samsung 100% BLEW it rendering their dual SIM functionality almost useless. Like others here, I was so impressed when I first got my phone how easy it was to use.  It is so bad now I truly wonder how it made it out of testing with a single dual SIM user. This will accelerate the purchase of my next phone and sadly, after a long line of Samsung phones, it will have to be something different. They truly made it unworkable. I have no idea what they were thinking.


Actually I received next two updates within 3 weeks, but the issue with DUAL SIM is still not fixed!!!

Hey SAMSUNG wake up and fix it ASAP!!!

It's bothering me every day since January.





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I received two updates with 3 last weeks and still the uncomfortable dual sim operation is not fixed. I am so angry of samsung they changed dual sim operation which was very good. They new dual sim oeretion it is very bad. i waiting for fixed because i didnt pay a lot of money for s21 ultra and i have ***** operation dual sim card!!!!