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Camera dilemma - help

(Topic created on: 22-06-2023 11:14 PM)
Hi, so I'm asking for your opinions and thoughts, all are welcomed!
I'm currently using Note20 and I was very looking forward to the new S23 ultra for the camera quality but having read mixed reviews about the phone overall, can't decide if its worth the price. I don't use the phone for anything specific but when traveling, camera is a must.
Any owners - if you was me, would you upgrade and recommend, and those who have upgraded, any regrets?
One thing I noticed is that my Note20 doesn't have the best quality pictures at night. Anyone might have settings recommendations to improve this? I have no issue and use standard picture option in daytime. 
My other thought was, given that I don't have any issues with the current phone and it does not need an upgrade yet, is to purchase a bridge camera but not having one before, I'm not sure if this would be the answer to better quality pictures/videos.
If anyone with photography experience/knowledge have any recommendations for one, please let me know.
Any thoughts on above? I'm literally stuck what to do 🙈 thank you!
Samsung Members Star ★
Having had both phones.
It's a definite upgrade going from the Note 20 Ultra to the S23 Ultra

I'm loving my S23 Ultra experience and the camera for me is very good.

Some have seen a couple of issues. But a fix is on the way in the next week or two.
I don't have the issues others have.

If you did go for the S23 Ultra. I don't think you will be disappointed
Thank you! I ended up getting s23 ultra. Can't go wrong with a phone with the great features even if there are some hiccups along the way. Off to Vegas shortly so looking forward to testing out the camera and all the tricks it has to offer :smiling-face: