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Abysmal Battery Life - Note 10+ 5G - UK

(Topic created on: 07-02-2020 12:08 PM)



First of all - Handset details:


Model: SM-N976B

Android 10

Baseband: N976BXXU1BTA2

Build: Q1PA.190711.020.N976BXXU1BTA1

Security Patch Jan 1 2020


This is the 3rd day of using this handset, and to say the battery life is poor is an understatement. After running the updates out of the box, i charged fully and yesterday managed to get a staggering 2.5 hours screen on time - which is fankly unacceptable from any device in this day an age, let alone a flagship being sold for around £1,000


I had 5g turned off, all the sensors, no GPS, No NFC and was running it on medium optimised setting which is relatoively restrictive.


Scouring the web - hundreds of people appear to have similar issues - i also see people posting this is the best battery life they have ever had. This seems really weird to me.


Does anyone have any non generic suggestions here? I already did a full factory reset in case the updates caused corruption or battery drain  - that had no positive impact either 


Im being dead serious here - this is the worst battery i have ever seen on a handset - and insulting given how much samsung charge for this thing.


The camera - sorry - is also appalling IMHO


I came from a Redmi K20 Pro which obliterates this handset on all fronts and cost me £250 quid. I fancied something 'Premium' - what i got was something very different.





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Hi @bdt_1978 


I'm using a Samsung Note 10+ 5G purchased directly from my local Samsung Experience Store in the UK on launch date.


I'm on Android 10 / Samsung One Ui 2.0 with the January patch,  and do not use 5G as the o2 Network does not supply it to Payg users yet.


I do use NFC.


You sound clued up on how a phone works so will try not to give too many generic suggestions.  :winking-face:


As your probably  aware battery life is a subjective topic as we all have different apps , app settings , app preferences and have our phones settings all set up differently.


Also signal strength can play a part if a phone is having to work harder to maintain a signal.


I really do not pay that much attention to Screen On Times but can my phone will do easily 2 days and sometimes into 3 days before having to charge.


I'm not a gamer  and do not have that many inbound or outbound calls but I do use the internet quite heavily  for surfing and media consumption such as YouTube and texting.


I do not have that many apps and the ones I do have are from the Playstore i.e not from apk files etc. I'm not saying you have. :smiling-face:


Have you tried the option of putting the phone in Safe Mode which disables any downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones Live and then see what happens  ?


If you've tried all the self help troubleshooting tips and your battery stats are not showing anything untoward then I'd suggest to let a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre have hands on to run a diagnostic.




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Firstly thank you for replying. Really appreciated and I see you have been posting for some time .


I took some time to read and put the handset into safety mode on Friday after posting as it had been suggested somewhere else in the web. Not something I was aware of. Unfortunately it had no impact on the drain.

On the way home being somewhat deflated by the whole experience I made an impulse purchase on a galaxy a71 brand new out. It was a complete punt after reading some early reviews


Yesterday I spent some time with them both side by side and for the money I was blown away by the cheaper a71. 


Under the hood there is no comparison obviously in terms of chipset,  build, etc etc. However for day to day use it inexplicably seemed a whole lot better and I really don't know why. It has a slightly larger battery and the life was outstanding.


Also taking some pictures on auto, the a71 somehow seemed to be far more detailed than the note. I must stress that this was a quick few pictures in my well lit conservatory- the note pictures came out less detailed and blurry 


Anyone reading - I'm not justifying my A71 purchase by putting the boot into the note and you can't compare the build, chipset and features - but somehow, and I can't believe in saying this, the a71 seems better. I find it weird to say the least.

Trawling forums across the web people all over seem to be complaining about battery life and camera quality not being where it should for a £1k+ phone. 


Granted people only take to the web usually when something is wrong. I must have a faulty handset and am totally baffled by this experience. 


Given all I'm after is long battery life, a decent camera and screen I'm going to keep the a71 and send the note back under the cooling off period.







Well, I have to agree with you.


When I purchased my Note 10+ 5G in the UK, I was on Android 9. Battery usage was very good, I had 5-6 hours SoT on the device, with heavy usage. 

Then Android 10 update came and ruined everything. I noticed the most I could get out from the same phone, with the same applications, same usage was around 3 and a half hours SoT. Which was unacceptable. 

As I did not find a way to resolve these issues (wipe cache memory, factory reset, etc) I managed to roll back to Android 9 and I got my battery back again. 

So I do believe Samsung has seriously dropped the ball there with the Android 10 update. 


Для To save power, you only need to make one restriction - this is in "power mode" to limit the processor to 70% of the power. And all that. about the camera. I'm also unhappy with the cameras on the 10+laptop. especially at night. the white color creates too much noise, the sky is always in papyrus or wtde paper. 1 out of 10 successful frames. blurring of contours. like an ancient camera. even the iPhone 5s makes night shots more natural. during the day, white balance leads to darkness, and at night, white balance leads to light, which leads to papyrus or unnatural white light. and always the colors are pale discolored. I liked the camera of the previous honor v10 better. the mechanics of the camera menu, night mode photos at any time visible progresses and can be stopped if the brightness is sufficient. color saturation using artificial intelligence. I would really like to just install the honor/huawei camera on the Samsung note 10+. I would like to add one more thing. Samsung Samsung keyboard I am very angry that the clipboard Samsung keyboard may not work for some reason the timbre on the Samsung website!last 6 photos taken on honor v10. three times cheaper. I couldn't achieve this quality of photos on the Samsung note 10+, as if I didn't try to repeat the setting and shutter speed. in addition, the last photo was taken in motion when the car was shaking with the phone turned off. just double-click the power off button. this feature only works with Snapdragon on smartphones. and on exinuses, Samsung decided to deprive us of this feature, without even offering to choose it Samsung Samsung AMOLED camera is short, the Samsung AMOLED camera does not match the Samsung AMOLED screen. their photos are not able to use their full potential. and huawei / honor can.I would like to add that the honor v10 2017 is a budget phone three times cheaper than the Samsung n10 + 2019.quick photo with the phone turned off when you turn on the phone already made. Для экономии энергии вам нужно сделать только одно ограничение - это в режиме" power mode " ограничить процессор до 70% от мощности. И все такое. о камере. Я также недоволен камерами на ноутбуке 10+. особенно в ночном режиме. белый цвет создает слишком много шума, небо всегда находится в папирусе или бумаге wtde. 1 из 10 успешных кадров. размытость контуров. как древний фотоаппарат. даже iPhone 5s делает ночные снимки более естественными. в течение дня баланс белого приводит к темноте, а ночью баланс белого приводит к свету, что приводит к папирусу или неестественному белому свету. и всегда цвета бледно обесцвечены. Камера предыдущего honor v10 мне понравилась больше. механика меню камеры, ночной режим фотографии в любое время видна прогрессирует и может быть остановлена, если яркость достаточно. насыщенность цвета с помощью искусственного интеллекта. Я действительно хотел бы просто установить камеру honor/huawei на Samsung note 10+. Я хотел бы добавить еще одну вещь. Samsung Samsung keyboard я очень зол, что буфер обмена клавиатура Samsung может не работать по какой-то причине темболее на сайте Samsung!последние 6 фотографий, сделанных на honor v10. в три раза дешевле. такого качества фотографий я не смог добиться на Samsung note 10+, как будто я не пытался повторить настройку и выдержку затвора. кроме того, последняя фотография была сделана в движении, когда автомобиль дрожал с выключенным телефоном. просто дважды нажмите кнопку выключения питания. эта функция на смартфонах работает только с Snapdragon. а на exinuses Samsung решила лишить нас такой функции, даже не предложив выбрать ее Samsung Samsung AMOLED камера короткая, камера Samsung AMOLED camera не соответствует экрану Samsung AMOLED. их фотографии не в состоянии использовать весь потенциал. и huawei / honor может.Я хотел бы добавить, что honor v10 2017-это бюджетный телефон в три раза дешевле, чем Samsung n10 + 2019.быстрое фото с выключенного телефона, когда вы включаете телефон уже сделал фотографию, и показывает результат. очень крутая функция. но Samsung решила оставить этот вариант только для США. - А что это такое? дискриминация? Сегрегация?Screenshot_20200225-224935_Browser.jpgScreenshot_20200225-223846_Device care.jpgSmartSelect_20200225-223753_One UI Home.jpgN10+N10+N10+N10+Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10Honor v10

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