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Voice recorder could not playback recorded audio with audibility.

(Topic created on: 31-10-2023 02:04 PM)
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I've noticed a strange change in how my voice recorder behaves after a quick recording of something. Whenever I play back whatever I recorded, the audio would be so faint I pretty much could not hear almost a thing when I put my volume to max. Now first of all my phone in the first place does not have the best speakers but does have its moments where it's awkwardly loud. In video recording it could not be any more louder, seriously the audio recording in it is impeccable. But when I use the Voice Recorder, AN APP WITH A SOLE PURPOSE IS TO RECORD AUDIO, I COULDN'T HEAR A SINGLE THING WITHOUT PUTTING MY PHONE'S DUSTY SPEAKERS RIGHT NEXT TI MY EAR! It is quite frustrating to always cover the camera and knowing it's not even an audio file in the first place so it's likely that the file size would be high especially that's not what I  wanted it to be in the first place. Anyways please do think of a way for this for me please and for other people who have or has had this problem.