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unable to set pin on lockscreen

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Please can anybody help? my phone is Samsung A10. I cannot set up pin for screen lock. After trying I am advised that it has already been changed???

I am not trying to change a pin because I have never had one, my screen was not pin protected from new but now I want one. it is set to swipe as lockscreen type . I get the option to select a pin or pattern but then refused it. incidently, smart lock is greyed out.  Could a pin to set lockscreen have been used at point of sale by shop assistant  who was very helpful in setting it up as good to go ?  He did ask if I wanted a passcode and I said no?  Any advice please



Hi @kevinm1, do you have Find my mobile set up? If not, can you set it up on your phone and then log in to here:


Then, unlock your phone via the above link. This will all lock settings from the screen. See if you can then set up a PIN.

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