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Storage Help A6

(Topic created on: 15/05/20 19:39)
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So basically I have a samsung galaxy A6 Android 10.0, and since I got it my phone "Other" storage space has been increasingly filling up, to the point that it's almost unusable and soon my phone will quite literally be full, originally it took up 1GB, but today it stands at a whopping 30GB of "other" storage, I have literally selected all files in my files and deleted them literally, which didnt help at all, my phone is only 32gb so I have about a week before the other storage space genuinly consumes my entire phone!! Please help me

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Superuser I
Galaxy A Series

Hi @IHaveNoStorage 


1. Turn the phone off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phones system files and clear the cache.  No info is lost this way.


If no help....


2. Back up and remove any relevant Sd card and factory reset as a last resort.


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I get this on my 32gb A8 as well on android 9, it had over 20gb of other storage and runs really slow. In the end I am left with 12gb usuable storage, barely more than the 10gb I got with my old A3 2016. I cannot find a way to fix this, it seems as though Samsung wants us to upgrade to new phones ready. Well, one thing for certain, I will not upgrade to a Samsung phone. I have tried clearing cache partitions Nd stuff and no avail. One thing that's interesting though, if you go to settings => apps=>gallery, and go to storage, you will see there is a lot of cache here, which you can safely clear. It has been up to 1gb for me in the past and it does not delete any of my photos; you may want to try this. Also, they removed the useful clear storage option from device care for some reason.