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Smart Swith sync with Outlook 2010 conflicts and odd attempted dates

(Topic created on: 28-12-2019 05:32 PM)
Galaxy A Series

Hi. Been trying to sort this problem out for weeks, I have an A40 with the Samsung, Google and Digical calenders. On the phone all 3 seem to sync without problems. However I do like to keep Outlook also in sync.

I hope I can add a screenshot into this post as it clearly shows the problem. Using S/S I am able to sync the A40 with Outlook it shows there are two calendars it can sync with, My Google Calendar and one with my BT internet address, there are no others listed.

When I sync and this is 'completed' I get many conflicts and to choose which one to apply, as these are different events on different dates and even different years S/S seems to think they conflict. There are many events that I have added to the A40 however S/S does not sync most of them to Outlook, in S/S settings I have tried both calendars individually but neither makes any difference, events are still missing in Outlook and can be deleted from the A40!!

Fingers crossed....


Calendar  Smart Switch 1.jpg


Calendar  Smart Switch 2.jpg

I can 'Skip' and sometimes the events have either stayed or disappeared so it seems that S/S cannot be relied upon to sync correctly and as such is too risky to rely on at all.

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated.