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Samsung's Software Updates Policy Suggestions

(Topic created on: 26-06-2019 07:05 PM)
Hello I have some suggestions and ideas for Samsung's Software Updates Policy:
- Samsung should be part of Android Q Beta Program starting with Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505FN)
- Android Q Beta for Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505FN)
- Better Support for Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505FN)
- Faster OS updates for Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505FN)
- Project Treble and Mainline for Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505FN)

A new app called "Samsung Beta Club" for devices running One UI including A50: This app is a beta program for all devices running One UI worldwide where users can get Beta Preview versions of Samsung's next versions of One UI with a beta forum community or category, notices section with scheduled upcoming builds with changelog and release date, and more.

   Because why not? Think about it: all devices running One UI in all countries gets in a new beta program, Users will be able to find bugs and give suggestions, this will improve Samsung's One UI evolution and Samsung can faster roll out Android Q (probably One UI 2.0) much early without bugs and stable. Think about having millions and thousand users around all the world with all devices running One UI with their support how positively impact the process of next Android/One UI version:

- Join Samsung Beta Club with other users to get Beta Preview Builds of what Samsung is working on the next updates/builds or next One UI versions
- Beta Forum Community/Category
- Send Suggestions/Report features
- Notices Section with upcoming beta builds -> changelog & release date
- Beta Software Updates with improvements, new features and bugfixes
- Samsung Beta Club includes One UI Beta Program for all devices worldwide (One UI required) in all countries
Future Software Updates should include:
- Overall Battery tweaks and improvements (Stability, Peformance, Battery Life and etc)

- New features and improvements

- Stability improvements

- Performance improvements

- Camera improvements

- Samsung Apps updated

- Bixby improvements and new features

- UI improvements

- Battery Life improvements and tweaks

- RAM Memory improvements and tweaks

- More support for Software Updates

- New battery optimizations and fixes

- New features: Samsung Beta Club (already explained what it is), Battery Doctor, Battery Saver, GPU Turbo, Live Captions, Call Recorder, Screen Capture and Galaxy Beta Services)

- Kernel improvements which improves battery stability

- A new type of Software Updates which doesn't focus only on Security Updates but on the all System itself
- Advanced Security
- Android Defragmentation Feature which allows system to load and respond much faster
- DNS Protector Feature which adds extra protection and security to your network settings

- Android Core improvements and fixes
- C++ improvements and new features
- Java improvements and new features
- Package Manager improvements and new features
- ARM64 improvements
- Libs improvements and fixes
- Android Q Beta for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

- ext4 filesystem new features, improvements, fixes and increased speed by 75% with better optimizations.
- Battery Repair & Optimization tools
- Kernel Updates and Improvements
- Privacy Guard Feature
- Framework Improvements and Updates

- Improved Kernel which fixes any battery drain problems and all kind of battery life problems

A new Feedback System for Samsung phones:
- This new Feedback should be located in Settings along with "About Phone"
- This new Feedback System is more advanced than the current one, allowing users to send their ideas and suggestions for the technical developers team to implement
- No categories and limit, like on Google Feedback (the mucher the better)
- Faster and instant responses from Samsung Agent
- Samsung says they value the feedback received from users, so they should implement the ideas and suggestions that are really worth and having a positive impact on One UI Software
- By sending suggestions and ideas to Samsung the development of One UI will be greatly improved
- This new Feedback System is a great replacement from the current one from Samsung Members

Some suggestions for Device Care in future updates (including A50):
- UI improvements
- Bugfixes and enhancements
- New features and improvements
- RAM Memory improvements and tweaks
- Battery Stability improvements
- Battery Life improvements and tweaks
- Battery Power Saving Modes improvements and tweaks
- New battery optimizations and tweaks
- Battery Saver Feature which is a different option in the battery optimizations menu (the one with Adaptive Battery etc)
- Battery Doctor -> increases battery life and stability by fixing draining problems and apps
- Extend Battery Life feature like seen on S9 and etc
- Stability improvements
- Overall improvements
- New Security features and improvements

- Antivirus Security Engine powered by Bitdefender
- General fixes and improvements for Overall Battery (Performance, Stability, Life) - Adaptive Battery new features, improvements and fixes - Doze Feature implemented back again with new features and improvements - Kernel General fixes and improvements for a smoother battery - Bugfixes and improvements - Maintenance Software Updates (Battery Stability, Performance, Life and Optimizations along with Android OS improvements and bugfixes) - Battery Usage improvements and fixes - Power Saving Modes improvements and fixes with everything mentioned above


Samsung Galaxy A50 should receive Monthly Security Updates because it's a 2019 model and I think it's better if it will have support and priority like flagships, after all they are phones all too, it should be treated equaly like flagships.

This whole list represents what I would like to see in One UI's future within a new Software Updates Policy by Samsung, including Samsung Galaxy A50 which was worth buying it.


The majority of all these recommendations and improvements are already implemented in our beta programmes and software updates. The first phones to get the betas are usually the flagship phones such as the S or Note range (interest registered via the Members app). We have no news on the Android Q version yet. 


What Software Updates? Because I literally don't see anything from my list