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Samsung issues with repairing or replacing a phone under warranty

(Topic created on: 14-07-2022 08:08 AM)

I bought a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and it came to me defective from cricket but was told to contact Samsung for a replacement or repair since the device is under warranty. I contacted Samsung and was told that it was under warranty but the service centers like ubreakifix and best buy don't have access to the parts needed for the repair or replacement. One I mailed my phone to Samsung to get it repaired, the tech team that was working on my phone asked if they could call me for help replicating the problem, I agreed but never got called, then the phone was sent back to me still defective, the report they sent to me said that the problem was found to be a WPC failure but when I saw that the issue was still present I asked for assistance of another live agent that, upon searching my ticket number up, said that it came up as a non defective device. I'm pretty sure this means the agents lied to me to get out of having to work on my device and made it really complicated when I tried contacting them on the matter. I no longer want to do another mail-in and would prefer a walk in where I could assist them on redoing the issue and stop another one of these situations from happening again.


Samsung Members Star ★

Hi, seems like you are being given something of a run around. I think you would be better off if you posted in the US forum as I don't understand US consumer rights. Over here, it is a requirement that the vendor resolves the problem and they can sort out the issue with Samsung. Whether it's the same in the US, I don't know, sorry.