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Samsung A73 blank screen issue

(Topic created on: 03-05-2024 01:02 AM)
Cale Ramba
First Poster

Good day 

I'm new here and I need help my Samsung A73 

Screen goes blank, I can't tell if it's software issue or there's dirt somewhere bt I noticed something, when I touch the back of the phone closer to the loud speaker it goes blank while the phone is still on, I tried to put in on safe mode, cleaning it nothing works. My phone is still new and it never fell. I wish there was a new software update so that I can update it and see if the problem is with the hardware or software. As I was saying when I touch it at the back it makes a sound like there's something sticky the back gets attached to near the loud speaker which I'm assuming could be the reason, even if you turn off the proximity sensor or factory rest nothing changes once you touch the back it goes blank. Pls help I'm from South Africa in the Western Cape. 

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Hello @Cale Ramba 

I'm sorry to learn of the issues you are having with your phone. 😔 

My advice is to seek support from a Samsung Service Centre ,and or the merchant who sold you the phone. 

This does not sound like a software issue due to what's happening when you press the back of the phone. 

This does sound on the face of things as a hardware issue. 

If i can be of any further help please don't hesitate to ask  😎 

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