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Samsung A55 5G Washed Out Display

(Topic created on: 22-03-2024 12:46 AM)
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I have just received my Samsung A55 via upgrade. I was pretty excited to get my hands on it, all the reviews were glowing and it appeared to be a reasonably significant upgrade to my current phone.

Unfortunately, it became almost immediately apparent that the screen looked dull and washed out. I messed with display settings, changed from Natural to Vivid, no improvements or any real difference whatsoever.


I've read this is a widespread issue with the S24, exact same issues people are describing with their S24s are what I'm experiencing. 


This has been an issue for two months, and there appears to be no fix for it.

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The display some were not happy about in regards to the Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Series wasn't a display issue, but instead was a move by Samsung to make the display look more natural. 

What Samsung didn't do was to let the vivid mode add more saturation to which they responded to owners feedback to include a vivid slider. 

If vivid mode isn't working as you'd expect then as you've owned the phone for two month's may I assume your out of any applicable cooling off period to ask for a replacement @Seanuld_97 

I do not own the phone so am not sure if your phone has the Adaptive colour tone or Eye Comfort Shield  which can affect the display tones. If it has and there turned On then try turning them Off. 

In hindsight if this was apparent to you when you first powered up the phone it may have been better to have it swapped out straight away or refunded. 

Have you sent feedback via your Samsung Members App  ?

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