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Samsung A52 android 12 battery optimization settings, sleeping apps lists work correctly or not?

(Topic created on: 17-01-2022 10:24 AM)
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Applications that i put in list "Device care -> Battery -> Sleeping apps" stay in that list forever, even after they manually started after putting in that list. Samsung site says that they will be removed from that list after i manually start them, is this a feature of android 12 and One UI 4 or bug?

Options in "Applications -> (select any application) -> battery" - selector of app battery usage (Unrestricted, Optimized, Restricted) somehow related to Device care -> Battery -> sleeping list, deep Sleeping list, not sleeping list?

When i put app to "Apps that won`t be put to sleep" list - "Application -> battery" setting sets to "Optimized",

When i put app to "Sleeping apps" or "Deep sleeping apps" list - "Application -> battery" setting sets to "Restricted" in both cases.

But when i change settings in "Application -> battery" manually - from "restricted" to "optimized" and from "optimized" to restricted - sleeping lists in Device care -> Battery wont affected, only when i set this option to "Unrestricted" application is deleted from all sleeping lists.

So i can for example add application to "Deep sleeping apps" and go to "That application -> battery" and change option to - "optimized", this app will stay in deep sleeping apps list, but will be not restricted but optimized, kind a strange behavior.

Just trying to figure out how all that works and how it should work.