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Not always automatically connecting to wifi

(Topic created on: 27-06-2022 01:54 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

I have just purchased a Samsung A22 and I connected it to my home Wi-Fi.  It is set to automatically reconnect.  When I go out walking and return home the phone does automatically connect to the Wi-Fi.  However, when I go out in the car, where the phone is connecting via Bluetooth, and then return to my home the phone will not automatically connect with the Wi-Fi and proceeds to use my mobile data until I manually connect it to the Wi-Fi.  I bought the phone from Sky and their technical help said his does the same thing and he's waiting for an update from Samsung.  I rang Samsung technical help and he said he'd never heard of it and I would have to disconnect my Bluetooth every time I got out of the car! - surely this can't be the case?   Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.