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New Update

(Topic created on: 18-07-2019 02:35 PM)
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What exactly did Samsung do with the new layout? I just got a new A7 2018 version and updated the phone. The icons were fine when I was using them and now they're a huge, giant, ugly and bloated mess.

Case and point shown below:






What used to appear fine, didn't take up the whole screen and allowed you to view notifications (well the first 2 or 3 besides a weather app) are now gone because of this supposed "update.


Also what has happened to the tabs screen from home? It's much less intuitive than it used to be with needing to just swipe upwards as well rather than down. It may seem trivial but why the unnecessary change? And better yet, why are app tabs no long as stacked as they once were prior to the update? It makes it more difficult to navigate since it's going to take longer scrolling left/right to get where I need to be in order to find the app I have to use.


Using "Cut" when highlighting text is no longer functional so that might as well disappear altogether. This was completely functional prior to the update. If you don't know what "cut" does, on a PC and on phones prior to this update, it will copy and erase that piece of text you highlighted. Why is it so difficult to keep that functional, Samsung?


I have not yet gotten around to figuring out what Samsung have also changed under the guise of this update which is merely a regression back to the early 2000s if they had the smartphones we do today. It might be helpful to those with sight problems, but not all of us do.


I might do a factory reset if I can back up all my files, but that's going to take a quite some time.


How did Samsung mess this up? Whoever your design team is needs to find a different day job

P.S I cannot even click on a sentence on here to rephrase it without being shot back to the top of the screen either with where that button is placed on a phone. So maybe consider who is on your website design team as well.