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my samsung galaxy A70 just froze and it shut down then its sort of restarting continuously without ever turning on

(Topic created on: 01-05-2020 07:57 AM)
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i was in the middle of a messenger video call when the screen froze all of a sudden and it wont budge. i pressed the power key as if i was locking it but then it started restarting but it never actually opened or turned on. it shows the "samsung galaxy A70" as of its openeing, then shows the "samsung" screen and then it just blacks out. then it continues to restart and blacks out on its own without touching it until the phone heats up and it stops restarting but the screen is black and the phone is off... i tried plugging it in the charger, it kept again "restarting" then showed battery 90% then continued then blacked out. i need your help please. what's wrong with my phone??

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That's not good @SalmaYaser 


Try removing any relevant Sd Card just incase it's this somehow causing the conflict.


If a soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On isn't helping and you can't get the phone in Safe Mode via Samsung galaxy-a70-safe-mode  or How-to-boot-samsung-galaxy-a70-into-safe-mode then consider a hard reset although this can delete your saved info. 


If the above does not help then please contact Samsung via their support options in your country.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 


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