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My problems with Samsung Galaxy A51 (less than 24 hours of using)


Please read my problems with Galaxy A51 before buying galaxy A51 and thinking about these issues.
It has a lot of issues on the Bluetooth, VPN network, managing RAM, fingerprint sensor, and multitasking.
When all applications closed, 3gb of memory still in use. Lagging when playing music and working with other Apps and sometimes touch doesn't work correctly.
The fingerprint doesn't work correctly; sometimes, you need to try three times to detect your finger.
Bluetooth doesn't work, sometimes automatically disconnected, and when playing the music, sound breaking every few seconds(the audio playback starts to stutter).
It has the same problem on YouTube and other players.
You can't use L2TP VPN connections because when connected to the VPN after 60 seconds phone crashed and restarted.
I read and watched many reviews on youtube and the Internet, but they only show the good side of the product and never tell about these issues.
I regret buying this phone.


I have noticed similar issue...


they solved when I Flushed the Cashe and Hard Reset the Phone.


You can also try this.


1 - Remove the Google Account from the device.

2 - Restart the phone, use the Internet for a while.

3 - Turn off the device and perform a Hard reset ( I hope you know this )

4 - Wipe Cache More than two times on the Recovery Screen

5 - Wipe Data More Than 2 Times. ( both are in Recovery Mode )

6 - Restart the Device.

7 - Setup the device... NOW Try.


if you still face the issue, Check OTA Updates.

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Same problem here in Israel.. 😡😡😡


Hi, thank you, but I have done these things before. Samsung knows these problems, and they should release new updates for the phone.

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100% same problems with me using this 3rd class product. Other chinese brands are far away better than this scrap. 


facing the same problem


I am always a fan of samsung phones. I have recently purchased the samsung galaxy a51. When i am connected to the wifi bluetooth audio playback stutters which is kind of annoying. This even happens for the youtube and so. Could anyone please help on this.

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I have the same phone and the same exact problems you mentioned. i bought the phone two weeks ago and i really regret it.

I went to the Samsung Customer support center and all they offered is a complete wipe. which i didn't do.
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Same issue and it restarts twice in one day and hangs.


Regretting samsung. Missing my Oppo


Samsung replaces my phone with a new one.

read in the link below :

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