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My a50 won't turn on and I've got so many important files in there.

(Topic created on: 16-11-2022 03:17 PM)
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I wanted to retrieve my files from the phone. Took it to Samsung, they said they won't be able to fix it without deleting my files, so they recommended I got to Ismash. Ismash said it would cost £30 just for a diagnosis and who know how much more to fix it. I currently don't have that kind of money. 

Any recommendations?
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Is the phone set up to back up to Samsung Cloud etc ? @Alnasim 

I also use Dropbox personally.

If it is set up to back up then hopefully the data your mentioned is safe.

If not then unfortunately part of the diagnostic process is to perform a factory reset as this typically resolves most issues.

I think the phone has to be turned On to be able to hook upto a laptop so the laptop then recognises the phone and it's files can be accessed.

What did Samsung do to try and get the phone powered up again ?

I would always advocate to let Samsung effect any repairs as this keeps the remaining manufacturers warranty intact along with knowing original parts have been used etc.

I wish you all the best 👍 


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