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(Topic created on: 21-10-2021 10:15 PM)
I hope someone can help. I can't receive mms messages, or open any link sent via text messages. I've been onto my provider, and they've taken me through troubleshooting, but with no luck, so they're saying there is a problem with the phone and want it back to repair, but I think it's a setting that's wrong, but im not experienced enough to play around with it. I changed from 3 to Sky, and never had this problem before, but atm I am regretting changing. I am at a loss...
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Hi @leighleigh 


I assume you have a good stable 3G , 4G connection.

Can you send MMS messages ?

Your account may need to be provisioned for MMS which the sky advisor wasn't aware of.

Look on your networks support page for their Apn settings.

I did find this > 

Perhaps go into Settings,  Connections, Mobile  networks, Access point names , tap on the name of your network and check your Apn matches the ones on the network support pages.

Also some networks have a set up feature for apns which typically involves sending a text message to a specific number with a specific keyword.

In your messages app tap the 3 little dots in the top Rh corner and tap on settings.

Then tap on more settings.

Then multimedia message.

Toggle on Downloaded Automatically.

As a process of elimination try your sim card in another phone if you can.

This could help to determine if this is indeed a phone or account  / sim card issue.

One option is to reset network settings in your phone under settings, general Management,  reset , reset network settings.

Sometimes removing the sim card and factory reset and then reinsert the sim will initiate the network then resending all the set up messages can help , but a factory reset is a very last resort.

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@leighleigh: If you're unable to open links in text messages, please try heading to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Opening Links > Open Links In Apps, and toggle this on. Tap the back button > Browser app, and change your default browser to see if this helps. Further to the post above by @BandOfBrothers please ensure that Mobile Data is enabled, as this is required to send and receive MMS messages.