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Make phone calls using digital (DAC) usb-c headphones

(Topic created on: 12-12-2020 07:29 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

I have found that my digital usb-c headphones work in all apps except the one that matters most, the phone app.

Is there a reason why Bluetooth headphones can place calls but not digital USB? I am using a Samsung A50.

I really need this feature for work from home. Quality headsets with noise-isolating mics (which I need working from a noisy home) use USB and are digital, such as Jabra and Plantronics.

I don't wish to use a Bluetooth headset with an abysmal low quality microphone for work use.

I expect all usb-c headphones to work with my usb-c phone.

In this instance, the A50 simply uses the built-in mic & speaker when placing a call.

Have Samsung forgotten some of us still use our phones to make calls? It needs headset support for all formats for all customer needs.

First Poster
Galaxy A Series

Some other phones, like the Pixel series, do this just fine. Samsung, for some reason, only allows their own headset adapter to be active in phonecall settings, including VOIP apps like Skype. So no joy for your USB headphones, but if you just need sound input / output through USB (using a hub, for instance) you can buy the (cheap) USB headset adapter Samsung sell and plug headphones / mike into that.

I've found no good solution anywhere online. If you install Lesser Audio Switch, you get to watch as Skype or the Phone app switch your output from USB device to "earpiece". So there's that.

I've spent a bunch of money trying to engineer around this in a setting where the phone has to be part of an intercom / multimedia system, when it turns out I could have just gotten a different phone. Time to upgrade soon, anyway.