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Is Samsung messing up the Galaxy A52s to sell the Galaxy A53?

(Topic created on: 29-03-2022 01:54 PM)
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I read an article in SamMobile site this morning and if its true I ll be really disappointing with Samsung. I'm Samsung customer more than 12 years and I can be easily me and my entire family and friends can change company as Xiaomi etc. Hopefully this is not going to be true. Samsung you should fix the issues that you create with android 12 version. 
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If mentioning an article think it is helpful to post a bit more detail for context, rather than  just the banner headline.  The  writer claims the February security update caused a lot of bugs but also says "Keep in mind that these bugs may be limited in reach to a small number of customers relative to the number of Galaxy A52s units presently active Even so, it may still affect some Galaxy A52s customers" 

Another one here, the forums mentioned is the Indian one but problems also reported here . 

Overall problems have been reported with Android 12 but by no means universal and updates generally improve matters.

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