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How to resolve on my A70 problem of emergency calls only

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Suddenly A70 has this problem. I think it  occured after I downloaded otherHP eprint app from playstore for new HP printer. Have tried all possible fixes but not all work. My SIM card works in another phone. Other than doing Factory Reset, which I don't want because my data are not backed up, what can I do? Anytime I try to do something or press on an action I get asked to out in my PIN password, which I never entered anywhere. 

Can't toggle Airplane mode

Turned on and off, no change

Can't access any settings without getting back to the Emergency Calls screen

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Hi @Janeta70 


Where did you get the phone from ?


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My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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I have a similar issue. since yesterday I have no network coverage and the airplane mode icon on the pull down menu is a lighter shade of blue and won't let me toggle on or off. very frustrating
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