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Galaxy A70 fingerprint scanner issue


Been using it for more than a week now and I keep having this unlocking problem for like three to five times a day. Screen won't respond regardless of how hard you press your finger on the on-screen scanner area. Will have to press the power button instead to unlock using face recognition. Anyone having the same?

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With my A50 and A70 I don't have this issue.

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Hat dir mein Beitrag gefallen oder dein Problem gelöst? Ich wäre froh über ein Like oder Markierung als Lösung des entsprechenden Beitrags.


Yes, I have the same problem.

Fingerprint unlock rarely works - instead I am relying on Face.

Have registered my thumb several times to give it more chance.

In fact, fingerprint auth in apps seems to work OK - the main problem is the lock screen.


Any updates on this issue?

Same problem here. It rarely works. Come on Samsung don't disappoint and fix this problem as soon as possible! Btw can I return it to the retailer even though its bought on a contract (O2 UK)?

Hi RichAC, I'm glad to tell you that since I updated my A70 yesterday with May 01, 2019 patch, I didn't experience this problem. I hope it won't surface again (fingers crossed).


In addition, my problem with the brightness that suddenly adjust to max sometimes when I unlock my phone even if it wasn't set to auto was fixed. Another issue is the inaccurate letters when tying faster than normal was also gone.

Hi Martennis, try to update with the latest patch May 01, 2019 if you already have it in your country. About your question if you can return it, I guess you can if it's still covered with the replacement period they gave you. But I wouldn't suggest to proceed with that because I actually went to the Service Center 2 days ago and after they performed some diagnostic tests and software reset, they didn't find any hardware issues. So they just advised me to observe the phone with the default settings until I updated it yesterday.

Hi Khen.

Thanks for the tip, but I already applied this update a few days ago - and the behaviour is still bad (sometimes it works OK). After applying the update did you do anything like clear caches etc. ?

Hi Rich! Im sorry but I have to take it back. Unfortunately, problem still occurs when I keep it in my pocket for just a few minutes and pull it out to check. Its very annoying. I just noticed after unlocking it thru face recognition, it says scanner may be dirty somthing like that. Im guessing there's a problem with the communication between the scanner and the proximity sensor. Any thoughts? 

No idea! Hopefully the devs know its an issue and are working on - perhaps they monitor the forums to pick up issues.

I tried deleting all my fingerprints, rebooting to recovery, and resetting cache. Not sure its helped.

Hi Khen. I updated it with the latest patch a few days ago but it didn't improve at all. It's getting quite annoying now. 😏

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