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Galaxy A52s Password Problems.

(Topic created on: 01-01-2022 10:25 PM)
Richard Jones
First Poster

After being a Sony Xperia,various models,user for the past 10 years or so have for Christmas been given as a present a new A5s 5G as as you would expect was mega chuffed to have had such a gift and all was going well until earlier this evening when upon restarting the phone it would not recognise my password anymore.

Spent a mind numbing 2 hours on live chat trying to get this issue sorted and while the agent seemed very helpful no matter what she was suggesting didnt work and I came so close to smashing my phone to bits as its so frustrating not being able to resolve the issue. Also have spent the last hour or so on Google and watching various Youtube issues and cannot even no matter what I try,do I hard/factory reset which I dont really want to do as will loose everything but if thats what it takes,so be it.

Not being very tech minded,I have tried the find my fone thingy but I obviously when setting the phone up a week ago havent activated something or other.

Must say am very disappointed after using Xperia all these years and cannot even switch the dammn thing off without a password,which I find totally bizarre and am at my wits end and certainly dont want to seem ungrateful as it was a gift but am at my wits end and am thinking of asking if the person who bought for me,if possible,can return it for a refund and go back to what I know and trust,the Xperia.

Many Thanks