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Galaxy A52 Sep 23 2023 update causing massive email data usage and battery drain

(Topic created on: 01-10-2023 03:17 PM)
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Ever since the 9/23/2023 Samsung update, my email is using massive amounts of mobile data, even while on wifi. The battery is draining as well, lasting just over one day, even when I'm not doing anything. My normal usage lasts 3 days on the battery. Samsung HAS TO FIX THIS BUG. I use my phone for work email and have NEVER EVER had this issue until this latest Samsung update. My email habits have not changed either. Up nor down. My total email mobile data usage in a whole month is less than 1g, now in one week it's at over 5g. THIS IS NOT A SETTINGS ISSUE. MY SETTINGS HAVE NOT CHANGED AND I NEED THEM AS THEY WERE. Due to this crazy out of the blue problem, my mobile data plan is empty for the month. Now, I'm forced to turn off mobile data and not have access to my email except when on wifi. My request is that this be submitted as a ticket of sorts for a bug fix from the 9/23/23 update. 

Thank you.



@KatieC1: I'm sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue. Are you using the Samsung Email app to access your emails, or a third party/dedicated app? If you're using the Samsung Email app, please try opening the app > Tap the 3 lines in the top left > Tap the cog in the top right of the pop-up window > Select your account > Sync schedule > Set sync schedule, and set this to 'Manual'. Do the same for 'Sync schedule while roaming', and this will give you more control over the app activity, and reduce background activity. You may also wish to adjust your Sync Period so you're only syncing your most recent emails, and this may also help to reduce your overall data usage while connected to Mobile Data.