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Galaxy A50 audio works only during phone call

(Topic created on: 29-04-2021 04:40 PM)
Nathan Bullock
First Poster
Galaxy A Series

Hi all,

I am stumped on how to fix an audio problem with my Galaxy A50. Yesterday it suddenly stopped playing any audio whatsoever. I feared the speaker broke, so I tried plugging in earbuds and then headphones via bluetooth. No audio played through those, either. I tried a variety of resets, uninstalls, updates, and disconnects, yet nothing solved the problem.

To my surprise, the audio returned when I tried making a phone call. The audio returned in full but only while the call was active. When I hung up, the audio vanished again. Additionally, the audio stops when calling via speaker phone.

This is as far as I've gotten with this issue. I'm at a loss of what to do now. Any advice?