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Galaxy A41 does not switch between mesh wifi access points

(Topic created on: 15-11-2020 10:56 AM)

I have a TP-Link Deco M5 mesh WiFi network with 3 access points on different floors. Most of my devices, including two Galaxy A3 2017 phones, switch to the nearest access point when moved between floors/rooms. 


My new Galaxy A41 refuses to switch.

The following document on WiFi roaming suggests that a Samsung device should trigger a roaming scan if WiFi signal strength falls below -75 dBm:


But when the WiFi strength on my A41 falls to -80 dBm and download speed falls from 40 Mbps to under 10 Mbps, it still sticks to the most remote AP. 


To be fair, the range of WiFi connection on A41 seems to be somewhat better than on my older devices. Can this be preventing it from switching because it thinks that the connection is still good enough? Surely a nearby connection of -55 dBm and 40 Mbps download should be preferred to the remote AP with -80 dBm and 10 Mbps download?


Is anyone having similar issues? Does it make sense to raise a support case with Samsung?

First Poster
I have this with my A51. What is Fast Roaming? Is that on my phone or on the network? My son has the same phone and his is fine. Really annoying. My contract ended and this problem started the same day it ended. I was thinking of going sim only. Grrr.. what should I do? I did a YouTube thing where I went for Phone Mac, Unmetered and Static IP on the WiFi settings for the dodgy connection. Not really helped. Also the signal in my house is rubbish. Tempted to get a different phone.