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Do I need a system update?

(Topic created on: 13-04-2024 07:54 PM)
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I've had my Galaxy A12 for 3 years. It's running fine but a lot of the time the UI will crash and make my phone completely unusuable for a while. It can range from seconds to hours. However, it only happens occasionally. It's very frustrating. I haven't contacted customer support yet as I assumed my phone needed updating. I've checked it several times from January and there is nothing new. It last updated towards the end of December. I don't know if this is simply due to the fact that Samsung don't sell the phone I have anymore and I just need a new phone. I am planning to get the Flip Z phone next year as I'm currently on a contract, so hopefully I'm correct in guessing that Samsung have stopped updating the A12 and I don't have a virus or anything.
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Won't receive anymore feature updates but will receive security updates until 2025. Last update was Android 12 I think. If you're not in the region the phone was intended for you won't receive anything. You could try checking for updates via Smartswitch whilst connected to your laptop/pc but i doubt you'll get anything.
What CSC region is your phone set to. What network are you on. What UI / firmware are you currently on.
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If the internal storage is coming close to being filled then this can cause potential issues. 

Look at freeing up some space. 

Lots of apps can cause hiccups so delete any unused apps. 

Use the optimisation tool found in your Samsung Members App. 

You could try > Clear Cache Files from the phone's System Partition Section  > You may need to insert your earphones or hook upto a powered On Laptop or use a Tv's USB Port to access the Clear Partition Section. This may help with lag or stutters as this clears the phone of old/unused or broken cache files.There is also a Repair Apps option in the Menu System too. { Repair Apps may not be availableto the Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Series of phone's. } 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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