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Dark colours too dark on screen on A52 5G

(Topic created on: 02-08-2023 09:12 PM)
The Mighty Kinkle
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I have bought a new A52 5G phone and the colours on the screen are off. The bright colours are ok but the dark colours are way too dark when i compare it to my old A6+ phone. Both phones have an AMOLED screen.

I have included photos of the two phones side by side taken with another phones camera so you can see the difference. I have labelled them so you know which is which. I have tried to get the exposure as good as i can on the photos so they look like they do in person.

You can see that i cannot see any detail in the dark and shaded areas of the photos compared to my old A6+

Both screens are at full brightness and i am viewing the exact same photos on the same apps so they should be identical

I have factory reset it and they still look like this afterwards. 


I bought it off Amazon last week thinking it was a brand new one from Samsung themselves but upon further investigation the seller is  2nd hand phone shop. It was advertised as new and the screen and case were in perfect condition. It came in a generic box with cable and charger and when i turned it on it was already partially set up and showed the main home screen straight away rather than the initial set up screen.

I was thinking about sending it back and getting a refund anyway



Home screenHome screenPhoto 1 - A6Photo 1 - A6Photo 1 - A52Photo 1 - A52Photo 1 - both phonesPhoto 1 - both phonesPhoto 2 - A6Photo 2 - A6Photo 2 - A52Photo 2 - A52Photo 2 - both phonesPhoto 2 - both phones 

The fact it was advertised as new if it clearly wasn't is reason enough to return it and kick up a fuss, Amazon certainly wouldn't take too kindly to their platform being used to scam
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Samsung doesn't sell on Amazon, it reseller including amazon that do. I would defo get a refund
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The picture quality on the A52 looks more national then the a6+ they look more faded.
The Mighty Kinkle
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Interesting, unless I am just used to it. It does look much worse on my new one though