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Charging port acting up / adapter issues

(Topic created on: 26-02-2024 01:09 PM)
First Poster
Hi everyone,

I have an A34 5G and have been having some issues with the port. Yesterday, I got a notification telling me there is moisture/ debris detected in the port. I did what the samsung website told me, lightly tapping it dry with a paper towel, etc. After restarting, the notification went away, however it came back after a few hours. I turned the phone off until this morning- there was no notification and charging seemed fine.

However, it was no longer registering that I had plugged in a USB C headphone adapter that has previously been working for months. The adapter works just fine on my tablet. I took my phone to a repair store, and they did a light clean and told me the port looked fine + charging seemed to work. 

Also, for the cable Samsung gave me, only one side of the charger works, but both sides work when charging my wireless headphones

Is this something to be worried about? Is there any way for me to get the adapter working on my phone again?