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Charging A71

(Topic created on: 07-01-2021 08:43 AM)
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Galaxy A Series

My phone has stopped charging. Since I got it, it has sometimes stopped charging and instead of the icon saying charging, it has been another message "USB settings" and I could chose between charging the other unit and this phone.


A week ago I couldn't chose this phone and now it has stopped charging. Restarting the phone doesn't help. 


I have searched for this USB setting but can't find it anywhere in the phone. 


Please help! 

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy A Series

Hey there IngerR!


Sorry to hear about the issue you're having with charging your phone.


How are you charging your phone? Are you using an AC adapter, or are you charging from a USB port on a PC?


Maybe try using a different cable with your phone, and see if that works.


If a new cable doesn't work, turn off your phone and clean the USB port using a toothpick/cocktail stick, and hopefully that'll solve your issue.


If not, maybe consider having that USB port serviced by Samsung.


Hope this helps,

Tom :smiling-face:

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I am having a similar issue but I want to start off by mentioning that my wife and I are grown, responsible adults who do NOT mistreat our electronic devices.

I purchased (2) A71 5G phones about 3 months ago; one for my wife and one for me. My wife's phone will no longer charge using the original charger that came with the phone. We even tried the charger that came with my phone but still will not charge....BUT it will charge using the charger for her old S9 Plus?!?!?

Thing I've tried:

Cleaning the charge port; Hard reset; Soft reset; Use a different charge cable; USB connected to computer; Check for software update (software is up-to-date); Start phone in "safe mode" - still will not charge; Deleting potential problem apps; Turn off "fast charge" on battery settings; 

None of these things worked. This seems to be a software/firmware issue that seriously needs to be fixed.

What I want is a real solution and not any more of "try this" or "try that". I specifically purchased Samsung phones because of reliability and durability but so far, I am not impressed and very disappointed. I don't want to switch brands.  Please help.