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A8+ 2018 headphone mic problem

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Hi Everyone


I have a A8+ and when i want to record a video, with the headphone's phone connected, the audio is recorded by the mic phone, not by the mic of the headphone.

Also i want to use my new rode mic with the SC7 trs to trrs adapter but.. i have the same problem..


I dont have this problem with the J7 2016 of my mother.. i can use my new rode mic without a problem.


Please help

Hey there, @Fran_CMD.

So, regarding using the headphones mic, this isn't possible using the stock app. There are some third-party apps that this does work with, but we can't actually recommend these. A quick search through the Play Store or on Google should show you a few.

We're just looking into your second question, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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